Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1 Stop Profits?

1 Stop Profits is designed to make you a lot of money online. The name really says it all. The site gives you access to every kind of advertising tool you can think of and you can use any and all of them for your own promotions. You can also sell the memberships to the site and earn commissions but the more important part is that each one of the JAM Marketing great sites are in the back office and you can earn from every one of those site all located in 1 place. You can put your own ids in everyone of the sites in the members area and make out like a bandit when people join under you. There are also a select number of money maker sites that we have tested ourselves and know they get results and of course there is a solo ad mailer to over 78,000 members. All you need to do is to promote this one site and earn from each of the sites in the back office.

How does 1 Stop Profits Work?

Just sign up at the site and right away you will have ad credits waiting for you in your account so you can promote your own sites right away as soon as you join. You will get up to 1 million ad credits when you sign up to 1 stop Profits

Is 1 Stop Profits Free to Join?

Yes, you can join free and get started right away but watch for the special offers as you sign up. You will pay more for them in the members area.

How many paid membership levels does 1 Stop Profits have?

There are 3 paid membership levels: Manager, Director and Founder. Each level gives you more benefits and higher commissions. You can check each level on the oto as you sign up or on the upgrade button in the members area. Keep in mind that the prices will be higher for upgrades in the members area.

How much do the upgrades cost at 1 Stop Profits?

Prices range from 25.00 per month to 697.00. They are much lower on the One Time offer page where they range from 25.00 per month to 497.00 one time so again let me urge you to read the one time offer page as you sign up so you save a lot of dough as you sign up.

Can I Build a List on 1 Stop Profits?

The answer is a resounding Yes!. You can give a way ad credits to each of your sign ups and that is the best way we know of to build a list quickly online. In fact Founding members of 1 stop give away 1 million ad credits to each of their sign up. That has a value of $5000.00 and people will love that offer. You can see what it looks like on the main sales page here

Can I Mail The List I build at 1 Stop Profits

Absolutely. You can mail your downline daily at 1 Stop and that is your best way to make sales online.

Is there a Solo Ad Mailer at 1 Stop Profits?

Yes there is a large solo ad mailer to over 78,000 members and founders can mail to it every 2 days. Directors can mail to 5000 every 5 days. JAM Marketing Inc has a 98 send score which means that almost every email sent on our lists get delivered into inboxes. We are proud of our lists and the way we maintain them and we invited you to join 1 stop at the level that gives you access to the 1 Stop Mailer (Directors can mail to 5000 every 5 days-Founders can mail to 78,000 plus all 1STOP members and they can mail every 2 days)

Is There an affiliate program at 1 Stop Profits?

Yes there is an affiliate program and you can earn up to 35% on membership sales but you can also earn from each site in the members area so you can promote your 1 stop affiliate link and earn from dozens and dozens of websites at one time.

Does 1 Stop Profits use capture pages?

Yes we have created 5 different capture pages for you to promote the 1 Stop site. Depending on your membership level you will have access to all 5 affiliate links all of which are capture pages and will help you build your list at 1 Stop. Free members get the main sales site . Managers have access to 2 of the 5 capture pages. Directors get to choose from 3 capture page and founder have access to all 5 capture pages.

What payment processors to you use at 1 stop Profits?

We pay your commissions by online check or regular check. We accept credit card payments. If you would like to pay by bitcoin, you can contact us through support and we will let you know how to do that.

What does Populating the Cash Funnel Mean?

We have a Cash Funnel where you can change all of your ids to your own ids so you can make sales from each and every site in the Cash Funnel. We have taken this cash funnel to 1 stop more profits if you are founder member. Founders will have their affiliate links for the programs they are in show in the top menu of the members area. This gives their affiliate links double exposure and exposure in the most visited part of the members area. Double exposure means Double exposure for every founder of 1 Stop Profits.

Is there a minimum amount to collect a commission?

Yes you must have a commission balance of at least 10.00 in order to get paid a commission.

How do I get my own affiliate ids to show in the Top Menu Items

You must be a founder of 1 Stop Profits to get your own affiliate ids in the top menu items where all of your downlines see them. In order to do this, please go to the Cash Funnel and join the sites there and, as soon as you do, your ids will automatically appear in the Top Menu Items on the homepage where there are affiliate programs. Most of the Cash Funnel sites are free to join so make sure you join all you want to over time.

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay commissions monthly. A commission must age for 30 days from the date of purchase and then the commission will get paid at the end of the following month.

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