The 30 Minute Work Day Homebased Biz

The 30 Minute Workday Way

They founded The Home Business Academy
with the intention of creating for themselves and others,
a business model that had everything they loved without the negatives.

What We Love

Lucrative Commissions

Residual Income

​Being Job Free

Not having a boss

Time Freedom

Unlimited Income Potential

Positive, Inspiring & Supportive Relationships With Great People

​The Ability To Travel The World

Fun Events

Be A Business Owner Without Having To Create The Product

The Ability To Positively Impact Others & Make A Difference

Personal Growth

​The Ability To Eliminate Debt

The Chance To Build A Business With Very Small Startup Costs

The Potential To Change The World


No Brick & Mortar Location Or Employees

Tax Benefits

The 30 Minute Workday Way

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Lenzo Rushing

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