News that might interest you about Perpetual Sub at My C.ash 4 All.

One of the reasons cyclers last for a long time
is the consistent daily cycling activity.

Last 4 days of sub level 1 cycling at Perpetual Sub:


What is causing this consistent cycling:

1. Members who have purchased a 60-day sub
pack, where they get a new position, daily, on

2. Members who have been pif’d for one position
in the Perpetual Sub.

3. Members who cycle sub level 3, e.arn $25.
and a f.ree 60-day sub pack.

This adds to the pool of new positions being
added daily.

At current level of cycling for sub level 1, members
are cycling sub level 3 every 4 days.

One of my downline members should cycle sub
level 3 in 8 days or less.

He will e.arn $25. and get a f.ree 60-day sub pack.

Cost to him: $0.00.

I pif’d him for one position in the perpetual sub.

Get on board and have some fun.

Get a pif for one position in the perpetual sub.

That’s all folks!

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

P.S. I love this program.

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