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The top talent pool of ONPASSIVE brims with years of technical experience and expertise. This aide in delivering outstanding enterprise solutions that surpass the business standards and transform conventional businesses into a total Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology-enabled, digital-based firm where technology triumphs over the manual tasks.

What your goal is what ONPASSIVE aims to satisfy and fulfil, thus, ensuring your success. When you understand that our goal is to give your dream to you, you will realize how extraordinary ONPASSIVE is. ONPASSIVE is entirely safe and secure to build your business.

Our goal is to incubate, innovate, develop and launch AI-based technology products that support enterprises' innovation race. Furthermore, to realize this goal, we are building out a suite of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Technology products that can be adopted rapidly and affordably

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O-Cademy O-Bless,O-Shop,O-Staff,O-Mail,O-Connect,O-Counting,O-Trim,O-Post,O-Wallet,O-Net,O-Tracker,O-Capture,O-Create,O-Chat,O-Peer,O-Virtual

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