Update on Cycler Push and 5 to Profits.

1. Cycler Push is still in pre-launch.

Admin in telegram room says launch
is Sept. 19, at 11 am Est, but the
countdown clock has launch at 10 am.

Best to be ready at 10 am.

Register if not a member.

Strategy for Cycler Push.

Minimum deposit: $10.

In my opinion, everybody who has at
least 1 position will e.arn.

Admin is bringing in a team.

One other big player that I know
has several hundred on his team
that follow him.

He will be getting positions in levels 1 – 5.

I estimate 50% - 100% of his team
will be getting positions in levels 1 – 5.

Several other big players will more than
likely do the same.

Level 1 must be purchased before you
can purchase higher levels, so it will be
a race to get a level 5 position.

I will be purchasing a position in levels 1 – 5
as soon as I can.

I suspect nobody will be able to purchase a
position in level 2 until level 1 position has been

I will be doing limited pifs as there is a s.ponsor
bonus at all levels, but if you need pif help, you
will have to wait until I purchase my positions
and have funds to pif others.

Best to get a position yourself at launch.

2. 5 to Profits has a new video for additional
board, which will feed the old board.

Register if not a member.

You Tube video on new board.

No launch date set yet but should be soon.

Can withdraw directly to b.ank account, using Wise.

Additional feeders for above programs. Cross promote.

3. Super 5 ReEntry.

Pifs available when funds allow.

4. Powerline Push.

Pifs available when funds allow.

5. Live Good Team Build.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

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