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It's interesting how my perspective has evolved. I never really considered myself a marketer, at least not in any conventional sense. Yet, something changed when I became a part of the Cliqly program and started clicking that send button every day.

It struck me like a revelation—I am, indeed, an email marketer.

But there's a bigger question that dawned on me: What kind of email marketer am I?

And if you're also engaged in sending out emails, I wonder, what type of email marketer are you?

It's a thought-provoking inquiry. Here's my take:

You and I, we find ourselves at the "bottom."

Now, initially, being placed at the bottom might trigger a negative connotation, but hear me out.

Consider this hierarchy:

At the top, there are the solo ad buyers.
In the middle, you'll find the retail sellers.
At the "bottom," that's us—the Cliqly participants.
Here's a simplified breakdown (remember, these figures are just for illustration):

The solo ad buyers purchase clicks from retail sellers, shelling out about 0.85 cents per click.
Retail sellers, in turn, secure their clicks from Cliqly at a reduced rate of 0.35 cents per click.
Then there's us, sending out those emails, and Cliqly compensates us with 0.10 cents per click.
Now, here's the intriguing part: We could argue that we're positioned at the "top" because, in the realm of email marketing, we're in the most advantageous spot.

Here's why that's a remarkable position to be in:

We're exempt from the complexities of product creation, customer service management, and the intricate aspects of traditional marketing.

Our role is straightforward—compose and dispatch emails, and voilà, the earnings flow in.

It's a streamlined, hassle-free process.

All of this is made possible through the ingenious system called Cliqly.

But, there's a catch—our key to success is the commitment to press that send button without fail, day in and day out.

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Best Wishes, Charlotte Nash

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