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business opportunity goes officially live on June 19


Below is the compensation plan overview and features.

1.For every active customer or promoter that you directly sign up you will receive a monthly payment of $2.50.

2.For every direct affiliate you sign up, you will receive a payment of 200% of your $10 monthly fee totaling $20.

3.Based on your rank you will earn 25 cents for each active member in your matrix regardless of whether they are customers or promoters.

4.Your rank determines the check matching benefits you can receive on your direct referrals and their referrals extending down 10 levels.

5.For every Tada Tap card purchase made by your direct referrals you will earn $5.Additionally when your direct referral purchases a custom Tap card you will receive $25.

6.$20 Plus Shipping for a Tada Tap Card

7.$100 Plus Shipping for a Custom Tap Card

8.When your direct referral purchases DFY you will earn $50.This service entails our dedicated Tada team designing your Tada card and customizing all of your emails within your CRM

9.At the end of each month 2% of all sales including monthly, affiliate, DFY and Tap Cards will be pooled. Members who have reached the MVP rank will then evenly split this pool among themselves.

10.Commissions for direct referrals, tap cards and DFY services will be paid out on the Friday that falls two weeks after the commission period. On the other hand matrix earnings, matrix matches and bonus pool distributions will be paid out on the 15th of the following month.

11.Payouts will be disbursed using two methods based on location. For individuals within US payments will be made via check or direct deposit. For those residing outside the US payments will be processed through Bitcoin.

12.There are some countries like Australia that can't order a tap card. However those countries will still be able to use Tada as a digital link which will still work wonders.



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