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Below is a review on from Pro Member, Clive:

My Lead Gen Secret has had many reviews, but few ever really provide the nuts and bolts of what is really available from this exceptional program.

I've been online now since the late 1990's and seen a lot of changes in that time, fortunately most of them good as the progression certainly seems to keep up with the demands.

Having personally been a member since June 2019 I've found it to be quite probably the biggest asset to my online activities, and the way in which it is put together can certainly place users in a highly positive financial situation, both by using its leads as a tool for gaining members into other ventures and by also sharing the LeadGenSecret system to the leads as well.

A win win system that extends members earnings down to 5 levels, and that in itself is a rare thing these days. So lets see how it works.

How it works is quite simple:

First off it is a mega lead provision system that has it's own in-house mailing facilities where you set-up and email your gained leads, allowing multiple formats. Plus you can use the list of pre-made emails that promote the system itself with just one click, and they are automatically loaded into the mailer for you.

If you're thinking that sounds simple, you'd be right.

When people first join they are allocated 100 permission-based leads a day, 98% of which are US based. These are unique and solely the property of that member.

These can be emailed to daily, either by using the in-house facility, which I recommend, or they can be downloaded to a PC for emailing using an alternative method.

Members also gain access to the MLGS pre-created emails with which they can use to send out emails to their new list (using just a couple of clicks), to create new referrals within their MLGS.

Once a member has a new referral they instantly then gain 200 leads a day (every 24hrs), 200 is the maximum amount of leads a member can gain a day, but for every referral they introduce they also get a monthly commission for, and as I said, that's down 5 levels, and not just a one off payment.

This means it's ideal for earning a great residual/passive income.

On top of that, if a member introduces 5 new members in any 5 day period they will also get a $100 bonus as well as the commissions.

The leads grow pretty quickly, and the extent for which they can be used is almost endless. Members are not obligated in any way to use them to promote the MLGS system, but it is a great way to create that growing residual income that I mentioned.

So, in the first month of membership a member will get 3000 leads alone, or 6000 even if they have just one referral. And, they can email all 3000/6000 every day, but on the 31st day it will be either 3100, or 6200, available to email.

It's worth pointing out here that this daily amount never stops!.

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