Trx A.d Max was designed to help beginners.

Before I tell you how, you should register.

Get a pif into a starter position.

The site is supposed to officially launch on Fri., 1/27,
at 7 pm Est, but everybody jumped the gun and is
promoting now, trying to get the jump on everybody else.

Banners should be ready sometime Friday.

You should look at the 2 short videos in the
members area as they show the comp plan
in detail.

Briefly, here is how it works:

1. There are 3 sections.

Each section has 2 levels, all 3 x 1’s so
they cycle fast.

2. When you cycle level 2 in each section,
you do not get an automatic entry into the
next higher section, but a re-entry back into
level 1 of the section you cycled.

3. Each higher section creates re-entries
back into the starter level (section 1), helping
those who could only afford to get into the
starter level, to cycle faster.

4. To get to the next section requires a
manual purchase but those with additional
funds can into those higher sections
without having to wait to cycle into them,
as most matrix programs require.

This allows bigger players or players
with teams to into all 6 levels on
Day 1.

That is what is happening now. The higher
sections are cycling almost as fast as the
lower sections, percentage-wise.

My sponsor, who is a big player, made $1000.
in 4 days because he bought into all 6 levels
same day. He said this is the fastest he has
ever made this much in a company forced matrix.

The video shows this in simpler detail but
is a powerful incentive to jump the lines
and get positions in the platinum line (section 3,
level 2) quickly.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

P.S. Ultimate pay lines, Ultimate sub and
Daily sub, as well as rob’s other sites have
been hacked.

Admin lost several thousand and all database
information was lost. Not sure what he will
do now but we have to move on.

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