S.ponsors Payback Line on Daily Sub can help downline members.

This is a team forced matrix, which can increase
the speed at which downline members get a sub pack.

Launches Saturday, Dec 31, at 7 pm Est.

The s.ponsor controls how fast their downline
members get a sub pack, merely by purchasing a
s.ponsor payback line position for them.

There are s.ponsors with several hundred dollars
in their accounts, waiting to pif their downline
members with a s.ponsor payback line position.

Speeding up cycling in the sub lines will help
every member with a sub line position, as
the sub lines should cycle faster.

You can beat this rush by purchasing
a sub pack for $11.

Register if not a member of Daily Sub.

Instead of getting a pif position in the
company feeder, you will get pif’d into
a s.ponsor payback line position.

All of my downline members received
a pif into the company feeder, when
daily sub launched.

Within the next several days, I will pif
all of my downline members with a position
in the s.ponsor payback line.

You cannot purchase a position on your
own. Your s.ponsor has to get one for you.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

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