Free Supercharged Solo Ad at Level 4 Marketers
Hi [fname],

Last week, Level 4 Marketers launched and has quickly grown to over 1,000 subscribers.

This week, they are giving away free Supercharged Solo Ads to all members. You need to join now.

Level 4 Marketers is a safelist that doesn't clog your inbox with emails from other members. Instead, they send you just a few emails a day and each email is worth 375 or 750 credits. Each credit lets you send your ad to another member, so just clicking on one email can let you promote to up to 750 other members each day.

This new way of earning credits is changing the whole way the safelist industry works. More and more people are joining and you can promote to them today!

Get in on the revolution today and claim your free solo ad to over 40,000 hot prospects.



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