Sokule is a new Twitter on Steroids...
Why is SOKULE so cool? In Sokule and on Twitter, your squeals are shown.

It also has 40 of the best social networking sites in the world

INSTANTLY! People who are friends with you and follow you will be excited about what you're

When you speak, don't forget a word.

A paid member isn't limited to a short time.

your squeals can be up to a whopping whoop. This is because you tweet.

500 characters long, enough space to really talk about what you want to say in a real way.

Speak something important now!

It's possible to put live links on your pages.

This is your page!

As a rule, you can put up to five photos in your profile.

* Set a time in the future when you want to post.

times. That means that you can go on vacation at the same time.

... and still make it look like you're writing for SOKULE.


* Sokule also lets you invite all your friends right away.

Then, invite your Twitter friends to join you on SOKULE!

Have we made you want to learn more?

I hope so.

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