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The next software (SaaS) giant is coming. You can  bring in automated & self-funding residual income. Everything is done for you.

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Onpassive has built its own Data Centers to host software platforms.

A long term automated real business. Not a MLM or get rich quick. Build wealth &  bring in cash flow.

Company advertises for you and includes targeted traffic .

Company will have each founder in profit within one month from launch. Wow.

1,300,000 members from 200 countries. Growing fast.

Ground floor Founder's positions are closing out soon

Powerful commission plan never seen before

Patented , unique Physical products are coming with profit sharing

Includes SaaS software products & monthly paid advertising / scalable traffic for promotion.

Exclusive I.T. communication products- lower cost, advanced technology. Outstanding value. Customers won't leave since software cost less & can  bring in income.

SaaS Software products=   O-Net (viral) private social community platform no suppression- blocking, O-Mail e-mail hosting, O-Mart marketplace, O-Create website builder, O-Traffic, O-Cademy online education platform, O-Staff HR platform. O-Bless Crowd Funding, O-Connect Video conference/ webinar software- unlimited use & live auto language translation technology.

Massive market potential of hundreds of millions of internet users.

ONPASSIVE could become a multi billion dollar I.T. software company.

Offices in Orlando, FL, India. & Dubai Legal & registered company.

Company has a five floor office building in India. & office in Dubai worlds tallest building

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Amazing Video- June 9, 2022--

Ash Mufarah is truly a class act. Helping others, higher purpose, and quality of life.

New office in Dubai  (world's tallest building) and company advertising campaigns starting

Onpassive Five floor office building in India.

Jan. 2022.  Onpassive Employee Wins Car.

Potential $400 billion target market in several  different industries.

Over 50  SaaS software products are coming.

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