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The USA and Canada open this week. 

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Save Money On Gas!! 


Xcelerate fuel TAB

1 Pack: $24.00 - 6 tablets.

3 Pack: $60.00 - 18 tablets..

10 Pack: $160. - 60 tablets.  

3x8 forced matrix with 50% matching bonus.

3 levels fast start pay.



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Richard moore

A few key things to remember please. 1. This is pre-launch before the pre-launch. Everything will fall into place as we move forward. 2. We are not accepting any orders at the moment, we are still testing the software, and positioning leaders. 3. The programmer has not done this yet, but it has come up already. The username MUST be at least 6 characters. It will state that in the sign up process tomorrow but for now it is not clear that this is a requirement.

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