Inventors go broke. Copycats get rich.
Hello [fname],

Here's proof...

I'll bet you recognize these names from history...

- Nikola Tesla - Charles Goodyear - Alexander Graham Bell - The Wright Brothers

All world-famous inventors, right?

Without a doubt. They all made invaluable contributions to further the human race.

All millionaires, right?

They all pretty much went broke.

Heck, even the guy who created the first commercially available portable computer went bankrupt.

His name was Adam Osborne. Look him up.

So - who makes all the money?
The copycats.

That's right, the richest business people almost NEVER try to invent new stuff.

They take something that is already selling and put their own spin on it.

This is true in Internet marketing as well. Most of the people making serious bank are copycats.

Now I'm NOT say you should just steal someone's website and product. But...

If you want faster, easier income, I urge you to simply COPY WHAT WORKS.

Heck, COPY my friend Jim if you want to...

At that web page he has made it point and click simple to copy his super- affiliate strategy.

Try it. You can thank me later.

To your success,
Warren Ciampoli

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