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Many people ask me if they’re too late to work from home.

They think all the internet gold has been mined.

As if the internet runs out of money like a car runs out of gas.

I used to think like that as well.

I would have a great month in my online business and worry about whether I can get the same next month. I was afraid I milked the internet for too long. I was scared I won’t be able to get new customers, because I tapped out my market.

Such a rookie mistake.

The internet doesn’t run out of customers.

There’s anywhere between 10,000-100,000 people worldwide who hit the internet every single day looking for ways to start an online business.

Most are tire kickers, of course.

But 10% of them are buying products, joining teams, consulting coaches, downloading software, watching YouTube tutorials and signing up on mailing lists.

My point is – there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

And the sea isn’t drying up anytime soon.

You just got to have the right fishing gear to catch a basket-full each month

Michael Stewart

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