Blessing Others feeder has launched.

It is called Blessings to Come.

Cycling was brisk and we are just getting started.

I manage several accounts and one of
them is for Jane Mark, the Queen of the Internet.

Register under Jane.

Here is a simple strategy to generate consistent

1. Deposit $4. and purchase a Blessings to
come feeder or wait for a pif.

Matrix is 3 x 1. Only takes 3 feeder purchases
to cycle the next in line.

You can only purchase 1 feeder.

2. When it cycles, you get $10.

Use $4. to purchase another feeder for $4.,
leaving you $6. in your balance.

3. Repeat the above process four (4) times,
giving you $24. in your balance.

4. Purchase a Blessings 2 position for $20.

If you do have recruits who need a little help, pif
them with a feeder position, then have them follow
the above strategy.

When they purchase a Blessings 2 position, they
will drop into your Blessings 2 matrix and eventually
help you cycle Blessings 2.

You will earn enough to get a Blessings 3 position.

This is as simple as it gets.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

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