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Hi [fname] and Welcome,

Can you figure out how much it would
cost to purchase 100M ad credits at our
new mailing site, 1StopSoloAds....

The number is actually too large to calculate
so as we say in New York City...

"fuhgeddaboudit" It's off the charts.

1StopSoloAds launched a few days ago and it is flying
thanks to all of the early birds.

This site is like a Maxi Yacht in full sail,
to keep up jump on board now or be left in the wash.

The Gold Rush is here:)


People are picking up the credits (nuggets) faster than
payments can be checked which is not a bad
place to be and that means that means...

Many are making commissions right out of the box
and that is the name of the game when you work online

Jane Mark prevailed on her partner, Phil Basten, to leave the
Special Unlimited Founder position open for the next few
days while the site is growing and so you can position yourself
for suc-cess at 1StopSoloAds.

Here is why you want to hop on this Unlimited Founder of-fer

Never Run Out Of Credits

In a week or so many of you are going to find
yourself out of credits and you will need to keep
going back to the purchase credits well.

Unlimited Founders never run out of credits no
matter how large the list grows.

Go Prospecting for Gold Nuggets Today


You start with 100M credits and you have
a personal guar-antee you will never need to purchase more.

In fact, if for some reason you use up 100M credits,
just contact support and they will add another 100M.

1StopSoloAds will grow fast.

Take the bullet train to the 1Stop Solo Ads Gold Rush today.


Here are the benefits of being an Unlimited Founder

As an Unlimited Founder you will be able to:

Use the solo ad mailer daily.
Mail to proven customers.
Save your emails - resend later.

Advertise your banner and text ads.
You get 10 text ads and 8 banner ads

Set up the dough funnel for more greenbacks.
Make 35% commission.
Make unlimited dough from 20 tested, trusted
and high paying sites

Mail to all your favorite solo ads mailers
right from the members area of 1STopSoloAds

Check all of this out and if you are not yet a member of 1StopSoloAds, get in early or the

1Stop Solo Ads Gold Rush may run right over you.


Kind Regards

Bob The 1StopSoloAds Guy Welcome

Queensland, Australia.

Bob Welcome Recommends 1Stop Solo Ads

Down Under Murmurs

Wally - Geez Morton wot do yah reckon about these 100M no cost ad credits ol buddy

Morton – No doubt about it Wal yah gotta be nuts to pass up on 100M no cost ad credits – and that’s for sure mate.

Wally – Well swing that lasso Mort and drag that bag of 100M no cost ad credits over here.

We’ll hop on board and go straight for Unlimited Founder mate

Morton - You can pay all at once Wal or use the 2 pay flexipay link.

Wally – Na Morton just pay for it in one hit mate

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