This A.I. technology makes your cash-flow worries vanish.
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ONPASSIVE will provide an array of proprietary products which we describe as the Total Internet Solution (TIS) and Smart Business Solution (SBS).

When all is said and done, we have never experienced a platform which offers such an awesome range of products, all of which are designed to everyone succeed, regardless of their experience.

10 Values of a Founder Position

1. Owning your own business. When you pay your share as a founder, you are given an AI/IT company with a website, like owning your own high tech business online. The more accounts you have the more businesses online you own.

2. A perfect business. Your business is 100% legal and 100% ethical in every country.

3. A wealth creation. Your business with Onpassive is self-funding and self-sustaining. No debt and no additional cost should come out of your pocket.

4. All done for you. It works for you from production to marketing and sale.

5. Mega products. 50 or more products each with a value over one billion and they are revolutionary, superior, affordable and scalable.

6. Global market. Your market is global with nearly 5 billion customers of internet users.

7. Residual income. Your income is residual for life as long as you are with Onpassive.

8. Growth with Onpassive. Your business grows as Onpas sive grows, with more products, market share and income.

9. Willable and transferable. Your business is willable and transferable to your children and family or whoever you desire.

10. Make a difference in the world. Onpassive is a business with love for humanity. You will be able to give more and make a difference for countless people.

OnPassive is a done deal. Over 900,000 founders already. Do not let this opportunity pass by. Do not be left behind. This is your chance to get in a Founder position within a company that will disrupt the way the internet is used. Again, imagine if you have got into Google or FB or any of the tech giants early on.

Also self-funding. Forced you to be successful. Run unlimited traffic for you. Growth your business for you. An Artificial Intelligence company. Force you to be successful!

For sure and forever change the current paradigm statistic of 5% marketers making money and 95% just roadkill to 100% successful!

Automatic marketing platform, all tools reprogrammed from scratch via Artificial Intelligence, thus proprietary and far superior to anything currently available.

All these tools into one umbrella, one-stop-shop known as OnPassive. The market is so large, we could never saturate the market in 30 years.

2,000 to 3,000 Join us EVERY DAY!

We've recently increased our employees to 1000!
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Michael Williams Explains Wealth The ONPASSIVE Way

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