Update on Blessing Others strategies and feeder.

Note: The feeder is not yet available but
the programmer is working on it. Hopefully,
admin will announce the feeder launch on
Monday’s webinar (Nov. 27, 7 pm Est). End Note.

Register at Blessing Others if not a member.

Get a pif into the feeder.

Things you should know when feeder launches:

1. There will be a limit on 1 feeder purchase
per member, until things settle down, so the
system does not crash at the opening.

Admin will evaluate as to when more than 1
feeder purchase is allowed.

2. It will be a frenzy. I expect cycling for those
getting in first to cycle within 5 – 10 minutes after

When you cycle a feeder, immediately purchase
another one if you have at least $4. in your account.

3. Automatic upgrade to Blessings 2 when you
cycle Blessings 1, even if you already have a
Blessings 2 position. Immediate change to system.

This will help all those struggling to get into
Blessings 2 and into Blessings 3 as most members
are stuck at Blessings 1.

I suspect you will start filling up your Blessings 2
matrix when you cycle Blessings 1 (will have to
see how this works), but this will definitely help
members to cycle Blessings 2.

4. Once things settle and admin allows members
to have more than 1 active feeder position, purchase
up to the new limit, if you can.

You can also start limited withdrawals, using any
of the withdrawal options listed.

Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight

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