, A 4,720% Increase In Value Within ONE Month!

Hi [fname],

I have never been much of a "TOKEN"
person in the past, but this time I decided
to venture into this project EIFI
and I am loving it!

EIFI is a new TOKEN which went into
PRIVATE SALE on the 17th of June 2021 to all
members of ETHERCONNECT and can still be
purchased there at a very good price.

>>> https://thealexangroup.com/eyfi-splash

Since then EIFI has reached a 4,720%
increase in value and moving up at an
exceptional rate.

moving fast towards $5.

There are 5 days to go before the Public
Sale... STILL TIME time to get your EIFI
TOKEN at a reduced price!

Public Sale Opening Price Starting the 20th
will be $10... Current Market Trading Price
On Pancake Swap is over $75! So Do The Maths...

Take Action Today!

>>> https://thealexangroup.com/eyfi-splash

See you in there!

alex alaska p

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