You need to realize what is at stake here and get serious ...

This isn't just for you it's for everyone including you. And if you are not mind conscious now about what is happening around you, then you should WAKE UP before it's too late!

So I will be blunt this morning because I am in a bit of a hurry. You guys need to take this serious. Trx Waves is working very well. Members are being paid very well. Some of you have already cycled out and have not purchased your new level 1 so that means you are not earning and your downlines are still growing without you earning. That is not smart business. Something else that is not smart business:

Tron is growing rapidly now. 2 weeks ago it was at 0.027 scents. Now it's up to 0.063cents. YOU NEED TO BUILD YOUR NEST EGG NOW!!! This is serious. You need to build your tron so when it reaches $100 and you have 1 million tron, You will have $100 million dollars in your wallet. But if you wait to start buying instead of getting it and building it now while it's cheap, then it's going to cost you more and more to get to where you want to be.

Please stop being scared! You can buy enough to get you into trx waves and start building up. You do not have to be struggling and depressed all your life when there are avenues to literally change that around for you. You have to take those opportunities because if you do not, they will definitely pass you by and move on to the next person who was smart enough to take a chance. I found this out the hard way when I missed buying bitcoin when it was just 0.03cents years ago. Look at it now. 1 btc worth $51,000plus. If I would have just bought $100 worth or built to $100 worth of bitcoin I would have $51 million dollars right now.

So now you tell me, what would be smart business right now? Joining a whole site where everyone is helping everyone or continue jumping from site to site paying out and never being able to take in?

Join our massive NETWORK build and start on a path of financial growth. And if you are already a member then focus on building. You are in a prime position to change your life for the better if you just maintain focus!

If you joined but did not complete the registration process then that is something you definitely need to take care of today! Even if you just get your foot in the door, Do at least that!


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