Headline: #1 New Global Currency Is Coming Soon…

some facts...

Bitcoin Black continues to grow at a record rate and has surpassed 500,000 members.

The cryptocurrency market has surpassed 1 Trillion dollars in market cap.

Why can Bitcoin Black currency capture over 10% of the cryptocurrency market cap?
*Bitcoin Black captures 1% of the market cap which equates to 100 Billion = $2.94 per BCB coin.
Bitcoin Black captures 10% of the market cap which equates to 1 Trillion = $29.40 per BCB coin.

Presale will close shortly, if you are planning to get involved it is recommended to get involved now.

10,000,000 BCB Coins for 1st place.
Prizes for top 10 positions.

If you know nada about cryptocurrency, you should. the time is now to INVEST in it to make BUKO profits. you don't need to be an Einstein or spend 100's of hours of doing research. look at it this way, do you need to know the inner workings of a mobile phone in order to use it? i drive a car but really only know how to change the oil and put gas in it...

and really, nobody has an excuse anymore to NOT know anything about anything when you have monster info database to utilize called GOOGLE SEARCH. there are literally millions of topics/articles/etc. regarding "cryptocurrencies". but like i'm basically saying, what you NEED to know can be had in as little as a pdf report.

go to the link just below and get your FREE GUIDE TO CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

now back to BITCOIN BLACK...

- want to get your hands on 3600 coins FOR FREE?
- see where you can get 100k coins for "pennies-on-the-dollar"
- read on how to set up a "foundation" and be rewarded with 6-7 figure coin amounts. yes, you could be gifted with millions of crypto for your created 'foundation'.
- 3.6 Billion coins rewarded through The Bitcoin Black rewards Program. Be rewarded - from your friends friends too.
The top 10 people who share the free coin airdrop with the most friends will receive 180 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $1 800 000)
- Positions 11-110 will receive 18 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $180 000)

go here and get IN before we launch. (which will be sooner than later.)

Bitcoin Black: #1 Top New Global Currency Launch Soon...

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