Welcome to 1StopProfits. Getting to know the site.
Welcome to 1StopProfits. Getting to know the site.

Hi [fname]

Thank you for joining 1StopProfits and Welcome

Here are some important things you should
know about 1StopProfits


You can promote one link and make dozens and
dozens of sales from the advertising tools in
the members area.

There is nothing worse then having to promote
20 or 30 different sites when one link is all
you need to make unlimited sales online

Here is what you will find in the members area.


* A solo ad mailer to over 79,000
* Mail every 2 days
* No credits to earn
* Add keywords from FrontPage mail to your emails. (optional)
* There is a downline mailer to mail daily to your downline

Note: Only founders can mail to over 79,000 members every 2 days
Directors can mail to over 5000 members every 2 days
Managers and free members do not have access to the mailer

* Give away up to 1 million ad credits to each
person who signs up via your affiliate link.
(Value $5000.00)

Founders can give away 1 million ad-credits to each sign up
Directors Can give away 250,000 ad-credits to each sign up
Manangers can give away 100,000 ad-credtis to each sign up
Free members can give away 25,000 ad-credits to each sign up

* This is obviously a fabulous list building feature.
Who doesn't want up to 1 million ad credits at no cost?


* Founder MEMBERS can promote any of 5 different affiliate links.
  Each one emphasizes a different aspect of the site.

Directors can promote any of 3 different affiliate links
Managers can promote one of 2 affiliate links
Free members can promote 1 affiliate link.

I love this multiple affiliate link feature
because you won't see yourself coming and going
all over the net.


There is a separate page in the member's area
called Founders tools.

The first text ad that you enter into the system
will automatically show on the founder tool page.
Text ads are editable so you can always change this
founder tool whenever you like.

This feature is only available to founders.


The site contains a cash funnel separated into categories
like Solo Ads, Website Traffic, Capture pages, submitters etc

The cash funnel contains all of JAMMarketingInc's most
successful sites and, of course, you can change all of
the ids to your own.


This is probably a term you are not familiar
with as far as marketing goes because I made it up.!

It is the most unique feature of 1StopProfits.

Here's how it works...

Once you put your affiliate IDs into the Cash Funnel,
they will automatically show up in the pages linked
to in the top menu of the members area so...
Anyone signing up under your link at 1StopProfits
will see all of your affiliate links both in the
Cash Funnel and more importantly in all of the
pages of the top menu items.

This is a powerful Wow factor!

The first place all members, from f-ree up to Founder,
will go to is the top menu items to look for
advertising tools and all of them will have your
link in them for all of the available affiliate sites

That means your links will show everywhere on the site.

This feature is only available to 1Stop founders


This page will show your text and banner and emails
ads and will be incorporated into many of our sites.
This will give you traffic that never ends.

Founders have 10 text ads and 10 banner ads.
Directors have 6 text ads and 6 banner ads
Managers have 3 text ads and 3 banner ads
Free members will have 1 text ad and 1 banner ad

To enter your banner and text ads, follow these instructions

Go to the Control panel button in the top menu
Put in your ads and save them.
Then go back to edit ads and assign credits to your ads
Ads will not display until you assign credits to them


Founders can earn up to $243.95 on 1-Stop Profits
membership sales but that pales in comparison to
what you can earn from the cash funnel and the
re-populated links in the top menu items.

We are talking about thousands of potential sales here.
I cannot even put a number on it since it spans so many sites.

Phil and I wanted to create a hub for all of our advertising sites where
you can earn from every one of them in a unique way.
We are both over the moon about this new site
We think you will love it too.

If you can swing it log into your account and upgrade
to a membership level that suits you and if you want
to grab the brass ring, go for founder.

You can pay one time or use our flexipay system
The founder level is the one that keeps on giving

You can log into your account here:


[user] - Username
[pass] - Password

Go to the upgrade button and check out all the
features available to you at 1StopProfits.

Thanks again for joining us
Our door is always open, walk through it

go get um

Jane Mark

Hold the Date

Join us Saturday, August 8th at 12.00 noon est for
a live webinar where we will walk you though all the
moving parts of this new site and answer all your


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